Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Frustrating That I Just Want to Scream

As all my regular readers know, I am divorced.  I have great kids that are healthy most of the time and they do not like going to see a doctor.  For the past couple of months, my son has complained that his back has been sore.  We think he may have pulled something during baseball season, but it has never been a major problem.  My kids have gone to a chiropractor in the past, so I asked my ex (my kids are on his health insurance) if his new insurance that he got in January of this year covers chiropractors.  He said he thought so but did not give me any other answer. 

Well, my son comes home yesterday and is complaining of his sore back and asks that I please schedule an appointment for him to go the the chiropractor.  Let me mention that my son hardly ever complains about any health problems, so when he says there is a problem, I listen because I know it must be something pretty bad.  When my ex called the kids yesterday, I had my son ask him about the insurance again and my ex told him to have me check online. 

Of course I check online and you need a username and password which I cannot set up because I am not the policy holder.  So, needless to say I cannot get any info.  I decide to call the 800 number for member services on the back of the card to find out if I can use the insurance for a chiropractor's visit.  After going through the menu and getting hung up on once, I finally get through and they inform me that even though I am the custodial parent of the kids, I cannot find out any info regarding their health insurance unless my ex signs a form stating that I can get the info. 

I call my ex right away and ask him about the form, which he claims that he has never seen or heard of.  So, I advise him that he has to get the info and he advises me that he will "put it on his list of things to get around to".  I inform him that I would like to make an appointment for my son ASAP and he asks " is it a life or death situation?"  Needless to say, I was ready to blow a gasket.....

I called today to make the appointment even though I have no info regarding whether the insurance will cover it or not.  I am assuming the chiropractor's office will be able to get info regarding the insurance.

The more I think about it, the more ticked off I get though.  How can the kids have insurance without the custodial parent not able to get any information about it.  The fact that I am a legal guardian and the custodial parent shoud be enough.  Shame on Blue Cross Blue Shield for that policy!  And shame on my ex for not looking out for the best interest of his kids! 

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  1. Shame on BC/BS for a lot of other things too. Chiropractic is not covered on mine. It says it is, but you have a limited # of visits, they pay 80% after deductible is met. By the time you meet the deductible, you are out of visits for the year. How clever.

    Good Luck.