Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New School

My son started a new school last week.  Unfortunately, at his expensive private school I totally did not like the way they handled some events that happened.  Sorry, but I don't play politics with my kid's education, and my son works hard for his grades, so the school I took him too was more than happy to take him. 

Yes, we are back at public school now.  That is fine.  My daughter has been in public school all this time and she has never had any problems.  Like I said, my son is a good student, so he will do great at this new school.  By the way, the transition has been going very smoothly, especially considering that the private school will not release his transcripts.  Yeah, I know, it is only November, and I didn't have all of this year paid yet, what was I thinking.  Guess I will take my time now. 

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